There is one CRITICAL skill your student needs to succeed...

and most schools DO NOT TEACH IT!

Build effective

public speaking habits now

that will last a lifetime

  • Increase confidence
  • Connect with your audience
  • Decrease anxiety

Presentation Skills for Students (PS4S)

Helps You

Save Time

Get only the information you need in quick videos and an easy guide to help build every presentation.

Stand Out

Become a confident presenter.

Get noticed for your easy to follow, engaging talks.

Reduce Stress

Prepare and organize your presentations so you are less anxious about your talk going well.


"I hate presenting! It's uncomfortable and I'm no good at it!"

For years I have heard this complaint consistently from clients.

The reality is they were just never taught how to present!

Without presentation training, their success was left to chance because they:

-became more and more anxious about presenting

-were unsure of their presentation choices

-created some ineffective and distracting habits along the way

-didn't know what they didn't know

-avoided presenting whenever possible

As a result, they were skipped over for school projects and work promotions. It never got better on its own and presenting became something that actually made them sick. Stomach aches, headaches, sweaty palms and anxiety are things clients have suffered because they never had the opportunity to learn some simple tools for presenting.

Don't let that happen to your student!

They are working hard to create a successful future. It would be unfortunate to let a lack of confidence in presenting have a negative impact on their potential for a lifetime. Working through PS4S is quick and easy and helps create positive habits now, so your student doesn't have to suffer and break bad habits later.


No one can know how brilliant you are if you can't communicate it!

Increase your presentation competence and confidence now

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What's Included In Presentation Skills for Students

Short Instruction Videos

Get the basics, and get them quickly

Students are busy. Between classes, extra-curricular activities, friends, family and work, there often isn't much extra time. We built this to get the maximum value with the minimum time. The videos cover what you need to know without a bunch of extra stuff.

Participant Guide

Personalize what you learn

Each section of the course has a companion activity in the Participant Guide. Here your student transfers what they've learned from the videos into their own personal situation.

Purchase now and get these FREE bonuses

Monthly Webinar

Q&A just for you

Every month, for six months, you can attend the PS4S webinar to ask questions and get answers in real time. You will not be on camera so it is a comfortable place to ask your presentation questions.

Can't make it to the webinar? Send your questions beforehand. The webinar recording will be available in the student library.

$1500 Value

Presentation Prework Course

A great place to start

Get full access to Midian's Presentation Prework video course.

This course gives you a checklist of all the things to think about before even writing the first word of your presentation.

This course from our corporate collection can be used by the whole family to prepare for all presentations - in school or the workplace.

$200 Value

Unlimited Access

To both courses

Need a refresher six months or a year from now? No problem! Come back to Presentation Skills for Students and Presentation Prework as often as you need to. As long as these courses are available, you will have access to them.

$300 Value



  • Presentation Skills for Students (PS4S) video course
  • PS4S Participant Guide
  • Six months of Q&A webinars
  • Presentation Prework video course
  • Unlimited access